The Performeasure® Assessment: State-of-the-art mind-brain performance capacity assessment. This measure is based on the Unified Theory of Performance, which states that higher level of mind-brain development is the active ingredient in higher performance in any vocation or activity. Performeasure is described in the groundbreaking book (press on link to order book):

Excellence through Mind-Brain Development:
The Secrets of World-Class Performers

Harald S. Harung and Frederick Travis

This mind-brain measure of individual performance capacity consists of three dimensions:

  1. Brain Integration Scale (how coherent, efficient, and alert our brain functions)
  2. Moral reasoning (aspect of psychological development)
  3. Frequency of peak experiences (the most happy and fulfilling moments of life, often related to peak performance)

For more information about Performeasure contact:

Fred Travis, PhD, Science Director: ftravis@mum.edu and +1 641 472 1209

Harald S. Harung, PhD, Business Director: harald.harung@oslomet.no and +47 90775459

Performeasure is the registered trademark of Brain Integration Systems, LLC, Fairfield, Iowa, USA.